We are CENEB, the Oxygen Gas People. To the hospitals, we are Oxygen Gas People helping to prolong life in critical situations. To the welders, industries and manufacturers, we do not only provide the fuel required to cut metals but also to ensure preservation and production.


Our team consists of the Material Movers whose round the clock services ensure our clients are never out of stock, the Support Personnel and the Technical Team that ensures quality and safety and provides after sales support.


With seven operational offices strategically located, Ceneb is firmly at Enugu and Nsukka in Enugu State; and Abakaliki in Ebonyi state. Our customers can also be found in the surrounding locales. We have a mission to cover the South Eastern Region.


We will not let you down. Your business will never falter on account of non-performance on our part. We are committed to providing you with a satisfactory service promptly, professionally and politely. That is our commitment.


The Ceneb Community is made up of our Customers – Corporate and Individuals. They are the reason we are in business. We treat them with respect and understanding and desire to ensure they succeed in their own businesses.


We do not just engage in timely Gas delivery but it matters to us how our products get to our customers and how the Ceneb community perceives us. Our values link to our beginnings and point to our future. The Ceneb Principles define the values that governs how we conduct our business.

The Ceneb Principle is represented by the acronym ICISTEP and stands for:


Our basket of products and services include


Virtually every living thing requires availability of oxygen for survival. Today, surgeries can hardly be performed without oxygen.  This is especially so in healthcare institutions in intensive care units or in managing respiratory related ailments. We supply medical oxygen gas for oxygen therapy in various situations.

Our cylinders come with superior safety measures and valves that make for effective use. It comes in three different sizes namely viz Giant size, the medium (Big Nose, on account of the cylinder shape) size and the small size.


Industry developments has meant the need to bond metals reliably or cut steels for further work. We supply Acetylene Gas in three different sizes. The sizes are small, medium or large thus making it very affordable even to the welder by the road side.

The medium size is the welders delight. It lasts longer and easy to move around. The big size is suitable for situations where mobility is least required. With the smaller sizes, difficult or small spaces can be accessed.

The Gas is used in situations requiring very high temperature flames for welding and cutting of steels.


We are the firm of choice for the supply of many other gases to our customer community. The gases include:

  1. Argon;
  2. Liquid Nitrogen;
  3. Carbon Dioxide;
  4. Nitrous Oxide; and
  5. Hydrogen

Our delivery modes are flexible and we supply in three different sizes depending on customers’ preference. Our sizes offer customers space saving options. You define the need, we provide the answer. Contact us and let us discuss your options.

The only place where you’ll get the perfect solution for all your industry needs.


“We appreciate the high level of commitment you demonstrated in ensuring that there is regular supply of oxygen to the hospital even in times of scarcity of the product at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic

“You showed a high degree of patience and maturity in handling matters concerning supplies

“We desire to continue to work with you to ensure uninterrupted Oxygen supply for our use”

"ESUT Teaching Hospital Committee on Oxygen & Other Consumables"