We are CENEB, the Oxygen Gas People. To the hospitals, we are Oxygen Gas People helping to prolong life in critical situations. To the welders, industries and manufacturers, we do not only provide the fuel required to cut metals but also to ensure preservation and production. We make sure that our customers are proficient, effective and dependable at their work. Our business is to make the business of our customers a grand success.

We work with Doctors to sustain life when normal respiration is challenged. We are friends to Welders making cutting through metals or binding steels together a child’s play.

In Ceneb Ventures, it is not just about saving life in the hospitals, we work to sustain life through Agriculture

Sometime in 1998, while on a routine visit to his sick mother in a hospital, our Founder and Chief Executive discovered his mother’s life was hanging in the balance. She needed Oxygen and the hospital did NOT have any. He immediately reached out to his former employer to borrow a Cylinder of medical Oxygen gas. With God’s intervention, Mama was saved. There and then, he made a vow that NOBODY needed to die in any hospital for reasons of No Oxygen. This led to the establishment of Ceneb Ventures Nigeria Limited, the Oxygen and Gas People.

Originally, Ceneb was established to provide medical Gas to hospitals. The product line has since grown to include industrial and domestic gas. Although, the foundation for a successful operation was laid in 1998, it was not until the year 2000 that the firm was incorporated.

From that humble beginnings at 262 Agbani Road, Enugu, Ceneb has grown to a company with seven operational locations all within Enugu capital territory. Presently, the operational headquarters is at No. 3 Emeka Eze Street, Maryland in Uwani, Enugu State.

Our team consists of the Material Movers whose round the clock services ensure our clients are never out of stock, the Support Personnel and the Technical Team that provides after sales support and ensures quality and safety.

With seven operational offices strategically located, Ceneb is firmly at Enugu and Nsukka in Enugu State; and Abakaliki in Ebonyi state. Our customers can also be found in the surrounding locales. We have a mission to cover the South Eastern Region.

The Ceneb Community is made up of our Customers – Corporate and Individuals. They are the reason we are in business. We treat them with respect and understanding and desire to ensure they succeed in their own businesses.

We will not let you down. Your business will never falter on account of non-performance on our part. We are committed to providing you with a satisfactory service promptly, professionally and politely. That is our commitment.