CENEB farms is an Agribusiness venture based in Enugu, Nigeria. We focus on Production and Processing of African Catfish; Poultry Broiler; and rearing of Snail.

Catfish Farming and Production

Catfish has become a healthier alternative to meat. Having Catfish in your diet is a healthy way to boost your intake of protein, Omega 3 and Omega 6 as well as Vitamin B12.

CENEB Farms is an expert in production of the highest quality African Catfish. We use modern Small Pond Farming and production technique and focus on disease resistant African Catfish that are naturally resilient to diseases.

Our method is the traditional organic based Fish farming which ensures that our product is the best around. We avoid using antibiotics and harmful products in our Catfish breeding. The end result looks and tastes better and is generally healthier because it is hormone and antibiotic free and yet, very affordable.

CENEB Ventures is registered under the Corporate Affairs Commission (C.A.C) in Nigeria. That is why we provide a truly quality assured product.

CENEB Farms has a processing and packaging system that ensures that your Catfish is delivered fresh and intact. Our modern processing system can handle volume of Catfish per day; from fillets to fully-intact Catfish.

When you partner with us for African Catfish, you’ll get fantastic products, speedy service delivery, and a wonderful customer experience.

We also offer smoked fish on demand. Our processing and packaging approach ensure your order is delivered clean and safe.

So, whether you want a supply for your family or a large order for your food service business or for special events and occasions; remember we are just a phone call away.

We assure you a satisfactory business relationship.

Snail Farming, Processing and Packaging

Snail is a rare delicacy that is becoming more and more popular in many lands and purchasing the highest quality is important.

CENEB Farm prides itself at production of high quality and delicious Snails because we make it easily available and highly affordable.

Our Snail farm is second to none. Using modern breeding techniques and husbandry, CENEB Farms breeds the largest and healthiest snails and processes it in the most sanitary environment.

Our farm production method minimizes the size inconsistency that is common among other Snail Farmers. Most importantly,CENEBFarm follows a proper stocking density protocol that ensures each Snail lives up to its maximum potential.

But why would anyone need to eat Snails? The simple answer is that Snail is good for your health. Snails contain high protein and low carbohydrate.

A serving of Snails gives you a high-quality amount of protein when compared to other kinds of meat.  It contains Iron and Potassium that your body needs as well as a good source of other vitamins and minerals.

Whether you are interested in Snail meat for your restaurant or special event or require large, bulk-processed volumes of Snail meat, we are your best choice because we can supply you with the very best.

CONTACT US today for your healthy and hygienically jumbo size Snails at affordable prizes.

Poultry Farming and Production

Poultry consists of Chicken, Turkey and other domesticated birds and is a major source of protein.  Poultry meat has numerous health promoting vitamins including Vitamins B-12, b-6, D, K, E, Riboflavin and Niacin.

Chicken is the most eaten poultry around the world for its nutritional values and flavor. It is also the chief amongst the healthy white meats. The result is that Chicken is in great demand even in Nigeria.

Our company, CENEB Farm, produces high quality organic Chicken in the best germ-free environment thus ensuring that this nutritious protein food is always available.

Our production houses have been designed to provide our chickens with a fantastic quality of life, and to give each chicken ample space.

Yes! We focus on high quality chicken production. This sets us apart from other poultry farmers who sell low-quality and infected chickens to you.

CENEB Farm chickens are rich in taste, and packed full of all the health benefits of protein and vitamin D. We do not use growth hormones because we believe that natural, healthy and happy chickens produce the best meat.

Our farm is regularly inspected and certified by both independent and government authorities and we are confident to say that all necessary steps have been taken to minimize inherent issues like Bird Flu and other bacterial and viral infections.

We offer wholesale or retail to families, restaurants, food service industries, and organizations.

We invite you to place your orders. We are certain to meet your demand of this healthy popular white meat.

We look forward to serving you and we assure you of a good customer experience. Get in touch now for more information.