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Virtually every living thing requires availability of oxygen for survival. Today, surgeries can hardly be performed without oxygen.  This is especially so in healthcare institutions in intensive care units or in managing respiratory related ailments. We supply medical oxygen gas for oxygen therapy in various situations.

Our cylinders come with superior safety measures and valves that make for effective use. It comes in three different sizes namely Giant size, the medium size (Big Nose, on account of the cylinder shape) and the small size.


Industry developments has meant the need to bond metals reliably or cut steels for further work. We supply Acetylene Gas in three different sizes. The sizes are small, medium or large thus making it very affordable even to the welder by the road side. The medium size is the welders delight. It lasts longer than the small size and easy to move around. The big size is suitable for situations where mobility is least required. With the smaller sizes, difficult or small spaces can be accessed. The Gas is used in situations requiring very high temperature flames for welding and cutting of steels.


We are the firm of choice for the supply of many other gases to our customer community. The gases include:

  1. Argon;
  2. Liquid Nitrogen;
  3. Carbon Dioxide;
  4. Nitrous Oxide; and
  5. Hydrogen

Our delivery modes are flexible and we supply in three different sizes depending on customers’ preference. Our sizes offer customers space saving options. You define the need, we provide the answer. Contact us and let us discuss your options.

After Sales Service

We provide after sales support, some as value added services. Such may include:

  1. Replacement/Revalve/Repair of faulty valves;
  2. Hydraulic testing of Cylinder;
  3. Training on safety measures;
  4. Installation/Fixing/Testing of Oxygen Regulators & Purities

Managed Services

Driven by the dream of our founder that nobody ought to die because oxygen was not available, we strive to provide any-time service. Our team respond to calls for emergency supplies. Make the call and we make the supply.

We also carry out preventive maintenance of Oxygen plants.

Installation and Management of Oxygen plants

We have the capacity to install and manage on site, Oxygen plants, either in conjunction with the client under a private public partnership, PPP, arrangement or on outsourced basis. Under this arrangement, we execute a service level agreement, SLA.